The school

NTF operates a small school which currently caters for 85 students, ranging in age from 5 to 14 years. The students live and study at the school, without charge. We provide all necessary accommodation and educational needs for them. This includes food and clothing, and educational supplies. The children leave their families and live at the school for the duration of term time. There are a number of orphaned children living at the school, and 5 teachers (both Tibetan and Chinese). The school teaches Tibetan grammar and culture, Chinese language, mathematics and ‘moral education’ (which encompasses ethical living skills).

The school has an excellent reputation in the area, and there are now 200 students who wish to enrol in the school. The importance of education for these children cannot be overstated. There are high rates of illiteracy amongst the local population and people here live in extreme poverty. Education provides possibilities and opportunities where there are otherwise very little such opportunities. Education may, for instance, lead to Tibetans starting their own business, becoming doctors and engineers and helping others in the community, clearly something positive for the local community.

What we need

schoolschool entranceNTF is currently seeking assistance from an English-speaking teacher who might be able to work with the students, as well as financial assistance to both urgently rebuild the school and for ongoing operating costs in order to maintain its current high standards.