The clinic

NTF currently operates a small medical clinic with 2 local Tibetan doctors, one doctor a monk from the Driru Lhachen Gonpa. The clinic dispenses Chinese and Tibetan medicines which prevent the deaths which frequently occur in the region for very minor illnesses.

The clinic treats burns, fevers, chronic respiratory infections, and diarrhoea, amongst other health issues, with the need for assistance particularly high in winter. The clinic doctors also work closely with midwifes in relation to child birthing. Treatment is free for poor families, and those with the ability to make a donation do so. Nomadic families often travel very far to seek treatment at the clinic.

The clinic is not set up to treat more serious illnesses, and people here currently have to travel a long way on rough roads and without access to their own transport, to the nearest town of Yushu when their health problems are unable to be addressed at the clinic. This often causes great difficulty.

What we need

hospitalAs well as assistance for the ongoing operation of the clinic, we would like to be able to provide further assistance, with better facilities for local people with more serious illnesses or health issues, to allow those who are seriously ill or need urgent attention to avoid travel. NTF would like to access effective and appropriate training for their doctors so that they might better assist the local nomadic population. NTF would also like to be able to provide more effective, and/or have increased supplies of, current medicines. Although NTF encourages the use of traditional Tibetan medicines, in some instances, Western medicine would be extremely useful in treating relevant illness or health problems (eye infections, for instance). NTF currently does not have access to any Western medicines, or any training in relation to Western practices/medicines.