Nangqian Tibetan Foundation

Nangqian Tibetan Foundation (NTF) is a grassroots, charitable organisation which aims to improve the poor health and illiteracy of Tibetans living in a remote, mountainous region on the Tibetan Plateau, China.

NTF was originally established in 2001 by Tibetan monks in a local monastery (Driru Lhachen Gonpa), outside the township of Nangqian, in Qinghai Province, China. NTF works with the poor (and mostly nomadic) Tibetan community which surrounds the monastery.

NTF operates a clinic and a school. The clinic currently has two doctors and dispenses medicines free of charge for minor, but life threatening respiratory, intestinal and other illnesses. It also provides basic education about health matters.

The school which we operate is a primary school for local children, where tuition and basic accommodation are provided without charge to approximately 85 students. The numbers of students who wish to attend the school is growing, due to its fine reputation in the area, and the opportunity that quality education offers to local

Urgent assistance required for school

NTF urgently needs assistance to ensure that our projects can continue.

NTF urgently needs assistance with rebuilding both the school and hospital, as the buildings out of which these projects operate are in a very bad state of disrepair. The school project requires particularly urgent assistance. A harsh winter is approaching, and the students at the school do not have adequate facilities for either study or accommodation, as the school building where they were previously located has had to close due to its condition.

Architects Without Frontiers (Australia) have generously offered their design expertise to rebuild both the school and the clinic. NTF is proud to be part of the AWF Exhibition at Customs House, Sydney, in August 2007.

lonely planetThe Lonely Planet Foundation has also been very generous in making a donation towards the rebuilding of the school, and we are very thankful for their kind assistance. Further funds are urgently required.